Brand Development Manager (E-commerce) (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time



We're a global team working to build the next generation of e-commerce brands, technology, and digital marketing. We believe that when you have the right team, anything is possible. That’s why we’re committed to finding the smartest, most talented people and giving them the resources they need to succeed. We are a group of energetic, ambitious, and creative individuals looking to disrupt the e-commerce industry with more talent and personality than it’s ever seen before! You won’t find a more diverse group, and that’s just the way we like it. Kleeq is a portfolio company of Eccomerce brands, highly talented marketing professionals, and eccomerce technology. We are revolutionizing every step of the customer journey on eccomerce to make amazing brands and an exceptional customer experience. 




We are looking to add our next superstar to our roster. This role is seeking a Brand Development Manager who is passionate about taking up ideas and bringing them to life. You will engage with our customer base, marketing, development, and customer support team to decide and build e-commerce brands under our portfolio. We are seeking to create a repeatable process of gathering data, building and launching brands and then working to make them perform better. This role will report directly to the CEO and COO of the company and will meet regularly with them to deliver reports. 

*** If you are truly interested in the role, please conduct your self-paced video interview HERE ***




  • High-end tools to help you get the job done 
  • Solid pay and creative benefits
  • Healthcare insurance 
  • Unlimited PTO
  • A trustful, respectful, and fun company culture
  • 100% Remote work 
  • Company retreats and travel




  • Help in developing and implementing new brand vision and strategy.
  • Meet regularly with key customer-facing teams to collect and analyze user feedback to shape new product ideas and user requirements.
  • Experience in launching new e-commerce websites 
  • Work with project managers to craft deliverables for every step of creating a new brand.
  • Have strong solution skills in translating customer needs to product functionalities.
  • Work with the leadership team in planning the product roadmap to maximize sales revenue
  • Convert ideas to prototypes and demonstrate them to the key partners.
  • Coordinate the marketing, customer support, and development teams to see through projects from idea to testing and then refinement phases. 
  • Represent the company in product or domain-specific conferences and events.
  • Stay on top of the market and competition.
  • Act like an owner for the success of your product.




  • 2+ years experience in product management, or e-commerce manager role
  • A people-friendly person with extraordinary organizational and exceptional  leadership skills
  • Proficient in Shopify, D2c merchandize 
  • Have strong presentation skills
  • Ability to think creatively and be a problem solver
  • 5 + years of senior strategy experience with a focus on ecommerce and digital marketing 
  • Prior experience in ecommerce web development will be a plus
  • Skilled manager and organizational leadership 

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